What People Are Saying...


"Yesterday at work a lady commented on how nice my skin has been looking and wondered if I had been doing someting different! BOY DID I TELL HER! I have been using CosMedix! She also asked if others had commented to me because apparently they'd been discussing it! My skin is loving the products. Just feels like my skin soaks it up. I'm wearing less makeup because I feel like my face has a healthy glow to it." ~Michelle 

"What a great experience I had when Teri gave me my first skin treatment. I normally don't like having anything done to my face but Teri, knowing this, was careful to explain everything she was doing. Afterward, Teri gave me some samples to use. I loved the Affirm .A few days later when I went to work people were asking what I had been doing to my skin. I couldn't believe the results after just one treatment. Thanks, Teri!!"
~ Betty

"My experience with the Benefit Peel I had at Love Your Skin was nothing short of devine! The results were incredible! I have never had my skin feel so baby soft, glow with radiance and minimize my pores. My skin looks years younger after one peel. The beautiful results were so apparent that even my mail carrier noticed my skin looked fabulous and younger! As an added bonus to the treatment, Teri is very professional, kind and made the experience very relaxing. I felt spoiled and it was worth every penny. I can't wait for my next peel. Thank you Teri for the treatment ~ I have never loved my skin  until I had your peel."

~Katie (mom of 2)

"I can speak from experience!!! Teri is AMAZING!!! She did more for my skin in ONE month than a FORMER Dermatologist (outside of her former practice) did for me in 4 YEARS!!!! Every month I would go in to see Teri, we'd talk about how we should have done before and after photos of my skin. Teri is awesome!!!! "

♥ ~ Robin


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