Acne Treatment

Acne Treatments:



We will discuss what has helped or made your acne worse in the past. We will go over your health intake form, then I will cleanse the skin and perform a skin sensitivity test to find the most appropriate serum for you. Afterward we will discuss your home care regimen for the next two weeks until your first acne treatment. 

Duration: 45 minutes


 We will also talk about home care, diet and other recommendations for clear skin. So many of my clients are disappointed with their dermatologists care. Unfortunately, they just don't have the time to help patients with acne. Acne is not a one-size-fits-all condition, therefore it takes some time and diligence to get rid of it. Together we will clear your skin of acne!


Acne Facial Treatment:

We will perform the treatment based on your skin type and condition that day. Sometimes it may just be a hydrating facial with extractions sometimes a peel and extactions. It will be based on your skins needs at that time. 

Cost: $85

Duration: about 1 hour


Acne Back or Chest Treatment:

Treatment will be very similar to the facial treatment. Hydrating treatment or peel with extractions and moisturizer.

Cost $85

Duration: about 1 hour 


Acne Boot Camp:

Get relief from your acne by joining the Boot Camp. Boot Camp is a 90 Challenge. You will be required to have a skin consultation and must be willing to invest in products and use them only, during this process. You will commit to acne treatments every two weeks for the 90 days as well. When you choose this for yourself you will receive tons of information about what acne is and how to treat your specific type. Also, I will give you lots of other helpful tips and lifestyle changes that you won't find anywhere else.


You will have a skin consultation and a skin sensitivity test to determine what type of acne you have and which serum would be best for your skin. After we learn about your skin I will customize a home care plan made just for you. You will have my unlimited support every step of the way. Most people are clear in 3-6 months(sometimes sooner). However, you will see significant changes in your skin in the first few weeks.

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