After graduating from the International School of Skin and Nails in Atlanta, Georgia in 2002 I worked in an upscale spa and my only challenge was not being able to give treatments that would meet my aging clients demands. Then I had the opportunity to work in a medical setting. This is where I fell in love with treating acne prone skin. I loved all of the things I could do for my patients under the doctor's umbrella; acne and anti-aging. The more I worked with my patients the more I learned they felt the treatments I gave them made the most difference in their skin. Sometimes, even more than prescriptions and other doctors suggestions. My philosophy is consistent treatments are essential to great skin! I choose to carry a medical grade product line that is as natural as possible and gets results for my anti-aging clients and a medical grade line that gets results for my acne clients called Face Reality. Thus, my facials are more like enjoyable medical treatments that get results.

If you want to get away for an hour of "you time", ask for my signature facial. Otherwise, my treatments get down to business.  Acne facials focus on extractions, anti-aging is about making changes in the skin.  I don't think there is anything wrong with just a relaxing facial. But why can't you have both? Relaxing and effective! My facials are performed with a purpose as to truly change and enhance your skins appearance.

I love my career and came across it accidentally. I did not know what a facial was when a wonderful friend told me I would be a great esthetician. Within one month, I quit my job and enrolled in school.  At that moment, I thought "Yes, I would love to do this for people" and never looked back!

My passion is acne and extractions! Acne can take-a-toll on self esteem, especially in young people. I love that I can help them feel better about themselves.  Whether you have tried dermatologist after dermatologist, over-the-counter products or other esthetician; let's work together to get your skin clear. 

As you can tell, I am all about YOU feeling good about what you see in the mirror. I am here to answer your questions and guide you to where you want your skin to be.

I look forward to helping you Love Your Skin!






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